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Experience the water like never before

Welcome To See Through Adventures

Better than a glass bottom boat ride or a "glass bottom" kayak. These See Through Canoes are completely clear and offer an experience you'll never forget! See Manatees, Dolphins, Rays & other marine life from the unique perspective of a totally transparent kayak/canoe hybrid. The lack of shadow cast by the canoe means that you get a lot closer to the wildlife you want to see without scaring it.

While you're kayaking, Mantees & Dolphins are always likely, but of course, we can't gaurantee what you'll see. What we can promise, is that the experience will be a memorable one. And with a little luck, you'll have a manatee or dolphin come right up to you to check you out. We have a lot of experience with the marine wildlife in Florida & will show you how to have an amazing & unforgettable encounter without forcing yourself on the animals. An encounter where the animal chooses to interact with you.

Fort DeSoto

What to Bring

  • Bottled Water
  • Sun Screen (Waterproof)
  • Camera
  • Shoes you don’t mind getting wet
  • Ziploc bags for personal items
  • Hat (optional)
  • Towel (optional)

What Should I Wear?
Most people wear light clothing or bathing suits. We recommend shorts, t-shirts and/or a bathing suit. Wear what you’re the most comfortable in.

Is This Safe For My Children?
Absolutely! Our See Through Canoe tours are suitable for all ages and we encourage bringing your children to promote education and exploration. Our See Through Canoe s are perfect for you and your child and we will supply you with life vests

What If I'm a Beginner?
Beginners are certainly welcome on our See Through Canoe tours. In fact, you don’t need any experience in a kayak at all to enjoy your adventure. Your guide will show you the proper techniques for paddling and provide you with all of the necessary safety precautions before launch.

Do You Accept Gratuities?
While your gratitude is appreciated, we do not require any gratuities for our services.

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Clear Kayak Rental Rates

Reservations must be made 24 hours in advance

Cancellations made within 24 hours prior to your scheduled time will incur no extra charges. Cancellations during our peak months will incur a $25.00 cancellation fee. If you have arranged for a tour and do not show up, or cancel after we have responded to the tour location and have set up the launch site, a $25.00 cancellation fee will be charged.

In the event of tour cancellation due to bad weather, there is absolutely NO CHARGE to you.

If you show up past your launch time it goes into the time slot that you reserved.

Rates - Per Person

1 1/2 Hour Tour = $59

2 1/2 Hour Tour = $89

2 1/2 Hour Adventure Nights Tour = $89

4 1/2 Hour Shell Key snorkeling & shelling adventure, with lunch provided $165

Rental Hours are 9am - 6pm
Last rental at 4 pm , Winter last rental at 3:30 pm

Map of Fort Desoto Kayaking Spot


We do daily tours in St Petersburg, FL at Fort Desoto and we now offer regular tours at Crystal River, FL & Blue Springs near Orlando in the winter. We will post a calander of dates soon. Until then, feel free to contact us for dates. If you have a group of 5 or more, you can schedule a tour with us anywhere in Florida, even the keys.
We do daily tours at Fort DeSoto or Shell Key Island. Both of these places are typically calm and shallow waters with a lot of marine life to see, & of course dolphins & manatees. There are numerous mangrove islands as well as beautiful islands with white sandy beaches and great shelling. Between Dec & April, we also go to other locations where our kayak renters are very likely to see manatees. Dolphin can be seen at Fort DeSoto & Shell Key year round, however manatees are usually only in this area between May & November. Whatever the time of year, we have a very high success ratio of our renters seeing manatees and/or dolphins. We're taking glass bottom boats & glass bottom kayaks to a whole new level.

Buy One

We always have a few brand new See Through Canoe™ brand canoes in stock at our shop. If you decide you enjoyed your See Through Canoe so much you want to buy one, you can pick one up at our shop near downtown St Petersburg, Florida. We also have all of the accessories on hand such as the Bimini shade tops & whisper quiet motors with the hand held remote. If you aren't in the area, & would like a See Through Canoe delivered to you, the See Through Canoe Company can ship one to you almost anywhere in the world.


Extra Options to enhance your see through experience
(Note: The purchase of a canoe automatically comes with retractable skeg, floats, 2 double bladed kayak paddles, 2 seats, rubbing compound for buffing out light scratches.)

This addition allows you to fully enjoy nature without having to face exhaustion caused by paddling. For $700 USD you get a silent, convienent extra that will surely enhance your experience.
  • Wireless: Controlled by a small and extremely convienent hand held remote allowing you to focus more on nature and less on paddling. Hold a camera, not a paddle.
  • Powerful: Despite its size and weight, this motor can output 55 pounds of thrust, enough to easily push a small fishing boat... and more than enough for a canoe or kayak.
  • Light: This motor only weighs in at 25 pounds, so it's very easy to carry
  • Versatile: Equipped with an easy tilt mechanism, adjustable collar on the shaft (for motor depth), and the ability to work with any 12 Volt battery, this motor has extreme versatility.
  • Lasting: The battery has approximately 20 miles or 6 hours of operation time at a medium speed on a 50 AH lithium battery
  • Motor Mount: For $129 USD you get the See through canoe made motor mount.
Sometimes the heat is unbearable, the bimini top allows you to take in the beauty of the water without bearing the heat. Costs $400 and comes in Red or Blue. Custom colors are also available.
  • Durable: Made of WeatherMaxTM U.V. canvas and solarfixTM thread. This top will not only last long but will protect you from dangerous UV rays.
  • Easy to use: The bimini top easily attaches to the canoe and only takes minutes to set up.
For $375 keep your canoe protected while its not in use
  • Durable: Made with thick U.V resistant WeatherMaxTM material and solarfixTM thread
  • Easy to use: Pull tight drawstrings make the process of covering your kayak a breeze.
For $659.99 you can get the 50AH lithium battery perfect to accompany your motor.
  • Better than a conventional battery: Although it costs 5 times more than the regular battery, it last 10 times longer, weighs less than half of a regular battery and doesn't have any dangerous liquids contained inside that could spill and cause serious damage to you or the environment.